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5 Ideas For a Special Easter


So the holidays are almost here, huh? What we usually do when we have many days-off lined one after the other is to succumb to our escalating levels of laziness and spent all of our free time eating and…

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Family Estate Joy - Piece of Heaven


This week we’ll present to you a magical place that we strongly recommend for you to visit. Family Estate Joy is situated in Gorsko Kosovo in a eco-clean area with no pollution. To help us get deeper into the magic we called Janet, the owner of the Mansion, and this is the story she told us…         “The phrase “family estate” was introduced by the writer Megre in his books about Anastasia. We used it but not in the sense of family as blood…

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Let's cook together


Many of us love to spend time quality time in the kitchen preparing culinary masterpieces to make the people we love happy.  We decided to publish one recipe every week that you have prepared with products from the small farms. Send us one of your favorite recipes which you love to make and we'll publish it in our blog.  And in order for your dish to look even more delicious send us some pictures of the preparing process as well. As a gratitude for your recipe you will receive as a…

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7 reasons to create a food coop


Who doesn’t like real food and would love to eat it every day? The answer to that question is everybody. The food coops around the world have been working successfully for the past decades. Now with farmhopping you can create your own cooperative and make yourself and the people around you happy with products that either way you won’t find in the regular shop. Still not convinced? Don’t worry that was just the warm up. Here are my 7 reasons why you should create a…

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Organic farm "The Island" - a cup of health


When was the last time you had a nice cup of natural tea? and I don’t mean the one from the supermarket, where you don’t know what is it there in the tea bag, but a Real one - from the field or the mountain? This kind of herbal elixir that combines taste, healthy and energizing effect  is really hard to find. Fortunately we found it for you - meet our new farm “The Island”. What they produce is herbs and tea, under the “Tronka” trade mark. The farm is situated…

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The Obichkovtsi Estate - for everything with love


"For everything with love" - this is the moto of the Obichkovtsi Estate. So short and yet it manages to bring together the whole meaning and idea that the owners had in mind when creating the Estate. And the owners are Daniela and George - people who are open to new experiences and are able to live in perfect balance with nature. Image by Estate Obichkovtsi   The Estate is situated in Upper Krupets, Belogradchik. They grow only ogranic products like limets. kamut, spelt,…

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WHO celebrates World Health Day?


Yeah, really, who does? Leave aside the fact that WHO is the abbreviation of World Health Organization, more important question is who amongst us celebrates this day. The calendar is full of days we name in a certain way and therefore everyone is expected to honor the respective aspect. In that precise day. Here we go, just a few examples, off the top of my head: St. Valentine`s: show your love Christmas: remember you have family and they like spending time with you Easter: celebrate Christ`s…

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Pioneer Farm: The happy farm in Rhodopa Mountain


The happy farm in Rhodopa Mountain produces biohumus and red Californian worms. It is located near to Gornoslav village, on protected by Natura 2000 territories. It was created in April 2012 by us – Ruslana, Dimiter, Ivan. I, Ruslana, used to be an IT, Dimiter was a journalist and Ivan – an engineer. We all gathered around the idea of living close to nature by starting a farm. The last few years we spent abroad and came back to Bulgaria convinced in what we have always known – going back to nature…

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Pioneer Farm: AlAnn Ranch


We are a 90-acre family-run alpaca and mohair farm. We - shear, spin and card, knit and crochet and felt - our own animals for fiber. We milk our goats and hand-raise some kids so we can make cheeses. We also breed Muscovy ducks for eggs and meat. The ducks help the chickens keep the insect populations down to a maintainable level. We compost all our manure for use on pastures and for sale. We are working hard to improve our pastures, using Yeoman's' techniques, and sustainable practices at all…

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Pioneer Farm: Communigrow, UK


Communigrow is a social enterprise working in Kent, to create a community growing project for the benefit of young people and families interested in growing their own produce affordably and sustainably. There is one line that sums up the idea, "We are never going to be able to afford local, organic, sustainably raised food without doing it for ourselves" Inspired by the ever increasing interest in good local food with a desire to exhibit best community engagement it is essential to promote…

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