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5 Ideas For a Special Easter


So the holidays are almost here, huh? What we usually do when we have many days-off lined one after the other is to succumb to our escalating levels of laziness and spent all of our free time eating and…

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The biggest urban parks Hey, guys :) I`ve been writing here on the big subject of how cities around the world are trying to be greener for a time now. So what is more logical than continuing the series, but this time let`s take it literally :) Here we go, below is a list of the greenest cities. And this time green meaning the colour green, because we are talking about the biggest urban parks: Fish Creek Park Calgary, Alberta, Canada 3261 acres Image credits here Fish Creek Park one of the largest…

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Great examples of cities a bit greener Hey, guys :) After last week showing you some great examples on how to green a city, here are some more, as promised: Air Trees Located in Madrid, at the suburb of Valleca, the air-trees are said to “climatically transform” the urban architecture. They cool the surrounding environment, reducing the heat island effect, and generate clean energy. Made of recycled materials, those self-sufficient structures use photovoltaic cells and produce  a substantial…

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Great examples of cities a bit greener Happy mid week, dears :) As most of you probably know, I live in Sofia. An European capital, they tell me. But it sure doesn`t look like one, to be honest. Why? Well, if you`ve ever been in Sofia you would know what I mean. Not that our city is not charming in its own way, nope, there are thousands of little things I adore. But not so many big things. Not at all. And because today I went for a long walk I got to thinking about the million and one things the…

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