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5 Ideas For a Special Easter


So the holidays are almost here, huh? What we usually do when we have many days-off lined one after the other is to succumb to our escalating levels of laziness and spent all of our free time eating and…

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Safe, natural tanning GREEN AND BEAUTIFUL Today is a beautiful day. Bright and sunny. So sunny, actually, that I caught myself dreaming of being on the beach – a dream I must admit I`ve almost given up on. Not because getting to the beach is impossible, but because for like an eternity it seemed like we had no reason. Yes, so far this spring and summer have not been exactly the best Europe has seen. But today is a beautiful day and it brings the promise of a lovely hot month. With the…

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Teddy and the Joy of Creation


Hi, friends! My name is Teodora, but you can call me Teddy :) Let me start by telling you a bit about myself. I'm just an ordinary girl with interests in preserving nature, eating healthy food and living my life in a way that helps me grow – emotionally, rationally and creatively. I love to smile. In my opinion, smiling can help you overcome the stress and it can even cure illness. So, keep on smiling and don’t be afraid of being positive all the time. The other thing I love is wearing colorful…

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