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5 Ideas For a Special Easter


So the holidays are almost here, huh? What we usually do when we have many days-off lined one after the other is to succumb to our escalating levels of laziness and spent all of our free time eating and…

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Organic Easter Lamb Roast Recipe


Here at farmhopping HQ in London we're feverishly preparing for the upcoming Easter holiday! Spring is already here and we're delighted that Easter is so early this year since we can't wait to indulge ourselves with a delicious lamb roast garnished with plenty of organic vegetables. While searching for the perfect recipe, we came across this nice (and quite healthy) option. All you need for the perfect festive meal this Easter is some organic lamb, lots of organic vegetables and…

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A Greek Philosophy: Lamb and Feta Stew


Good afternoon farmhoppers! The kitchen is smelling divine here at Seedcamp. As per our introduction to Urbangrains, we have channelled our inspiration and dreams of warmer climates into a tasty and light Greek classic. So, rather than give in to the cold weather all together and reach for the nearest carb-heavy winter standard, below is a recipe we have adapted from Olive Magazine, it incorporates beautiful and healthy Mediterranean products. A Greek Lamb and Feta Stew 1-2 hours, Serves…

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Veal Done Right: Just to Make Sure You Don’t Bite Off More Than You Can Chew


Cooking veal takes more than just intuition, but can’t go without it. Some instructions sure come handy, so do take notes. We start with the logical, though often ignored, golden rule #1 - know where your food comes from. You sure don’t want it travelling 3 continents, frozen for three years. Even fresh veal isn’t straightforward, so here comes rule #2 - set it aside for 5 days or so. If you ever did your best in the kitchen, followed your gut and still got it wrong (i.e. it took a…

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An Italian Affair ... with tomatoes


When it comes to la dolce vita and the small pleasures of life, no one would dare question Italy’s expertise in doing it right. However   convinced we might be in our understanding of the cuisine of the land of shoes and boots, their ways are so peculiar that a lifetime isn’t enough to learn to cook like a true Italian. Traditions are passed on from a mother to a son (yes, we aren’t kidding) and long phone instruction sessions are a must for those who have left mamma’s…

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Let's cook ... pumpkin


Wondering what to prepare? How about some pumpkin? Our recipes will deffinitely find place in your kitchen. I am sure of it. Pumpkin balls Source: What you'll need: pumpkin - 1 kg. milk - 200 ml. flower - 100 gr. 2 eggs butter - 50 gr. salt walnuts - 50 gr. bunch of dill How to prepare it: Peel and clean the pumpkin and then grind it at the big grater. Pour the milk on top and leave it to soften. After it’s done take it away from the heat and leave it to cool down and…

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PostEaster recipes


Hey friends! Holidays are a wonderful thing - you meet your friends and family, have more time to yourself and spend a significant amount of time in the kitchen preparing those delicious dishes your family loves. You have dyed your eggs in such an amazing way (the whole 30 of them). Yes, it was a lot of fun to be covered in paint while bringing into life every creative idea that came to your mind but now you are left with 15 eggs and two Easter cakes and you have to somehow find their place in the…

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Easter recipes (part 1)


Have you decided on the meals you are going to prepare this Easter? If you are still wondering we step in to offer you couple of delicious and simple recipes. How about some new and interesting ideas on how to prepare the traditional Easter lamb and surprise your family with a tasty grilled lamb on a skewer. Sounds yummy, right? Grilled lamb on a skewer  Source: What you’ll need:  Lamb – 1kg Onion – 3 bulbs Red wine – 1 tea…

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Fine recipes for fine lamb Hello, hello, happy Saturday! For those of you for whom this day marks the end of another work week, double congrats; for those who like us are enjoying our long, national Easter and St George`s Day holiday – triple. Well deserved that rest for sure is, as Master Yoda would put it, that`s to be clear, please :) And besides of the beautiful weather we are finally blessed with, I`m so happy, because that every day gets us closer to lighting up the Easer candles and bringing…

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Silent Night, Holy Night


Guest blog post by BORYANA ZENTNER The night of fulfilled wishes or so-called “Christmas Eve”, is possibly the most favorite holiday, in Bulgaria. This is not only because the whole family gets together but also because the cooking of the meal is a whole ritual. Usually it takes few days for the food to be prepared, which requires dedication and love. If you're lucky to spend the holidays in the countryside, you will feel inner peace, calm and become one with nature. One of these places is a…

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