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5 Ideas For a Special Easter


So the holidays are almost here, huh? What we usually do when we have many days-off lined one after the other is to succumb to our escalating levels of laziness and spent all of our free time eating and…

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Hey, guys, Happy Monday :) It took me a long time to realize why it took me such a long time :) to write about this contest. Finally, it is all clear. I was somehow missing not exactly the point, but what the article should be focused on. Just stating the fact that Rossi won at a skiing competition seemed kinda like… well, bragging about the victory. But, actually, no. Winning is a wonderful thing. And sharing the good news is what must be done.  Especially when it comes to extreme sports. Because…

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Rossi Mitova: Let's bring the power of crowdfunding to the small farm


We live in a hectic world. A world of comprised of businesses, trading and mass production. In a society defined by consumerism the decision we have to take is ‘To have or to Be?’ Not long ago, I had to make this decision. As a graduate with a financial degree from Cass Business School in London my future was apparently predetermined: I was to start my career in the financial world where seemingly endless 100 hour working weeks in the city awaited me. On one of my visits home to Bulgaria, a…

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