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5 Ideas For a Special Easter


So the holidays are almost here, huh? What we usually do when we have many days-off lined one after the other is to succumb to our escalating levels of laziness and spent all of our free time eating and…

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Let's cook ... pumpkin


Wondering what to prepare? How about some pumpkin? Our recipes will deffinitely find place in your kitchen. I am sure of it. Pumpkin balls Source: What you'll need: pumpkin - 1 kg. milk - 200 ml. flower - 100 gr. 2 eggs butter - 50 gr. salt walnuts - 50 gr. bunch of dill How to prepare it: Peel and clean the pumpkin and then grind it at the big grater. Pour the milk on top and leave it to soften. After it’s done take it away from the heat and leave it to cool down and…

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Easter recipes (part 2)


This week we'll continue giving you ideas for your Easter dishes and hopefuly some of them end up on your table.  Enjoy! Lamb soup with fresh onion and spinach   What you’ll need: Lamb meat – 300-400g Sourse Butter – 100g Spinach – 500g Fresh onion – one bunch Flour – 1 soup spoon Paprika – 1 tea spoon Mashed tomatoes – 1 soup spoon Yogurt – 1 tea cup Egg -1 Pepper, Parsley, Mint How…

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Cooking ideas for Blagoveshtenie


Fast nettle soup source: Products for 6 portions: Nettle – 500g. Fresh onion – 1 half a bunch Carrot – one Potato – one Parsnip – one Tomatoes – 3 tablespoons canned juice Salt -  1 tablespoon Oil – 3 tablespoon Dill – half a bunch Chick-peas – 70g How to make it: Wash and chop all the vegetables, but the potato.  Wash the potato, but don’t chop it.  Choose your favorite…

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