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The Good Food Battle


We guess you have already heard about the widely discussed battle between the cook of cooks Jamie Oliver and the king of fast food chains McDonald’s. For those who need a reminder: Jamie has been out to get all those standing in the way of a healthy food movement, and it comes as no surprise that the fast food leaders were first on his list. The entire story could amount to a novel, starting with on air revelation of the process through which the meat in our burgers is processed. The view has scandalized many, way beyond its first-hand audience and has managed to reach the right eyes. At the end, Jamie won, and McDonald’s is pressured into abandoning its old ways. We could go into details, but it isn’t our intention to ruin your lunch, and we had another idea in mind. We wanted to join in the row of applause for Jamie for using his influencer power to the right ends – in favor of good food, so very important for the health of more than one generation, growing up surrounded by ever-growing, alluring, yet unhealthy alternatives. This is just one among all of Jamie’s victories – he has long been using every opportunity to fight for his beloved causes, to spread the word and get as many as he can on board, and to help young cooks of unequal social standing strive. Yet, first of all, he has been trying to tell us all more about the story of our food and to bring us closer to its origin. Just try for yourself and take a culinary trip through unknown lands on air with Jamie Oliver – you might come up with some great ideas for your own kitchen. And hear Jamie’s advice about learning the story of what you put on your table. Especially when it comes to meat, it is very advisable to know where your calf has been taken to pasture. We can tell you about ours – right now lying under the sun around the Wild Farm.