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betahaus - for the joy of sharing and the food co-ops


betahaus Sofia - one small oasis of hard-working, ambitious, talented diversity of young people united by the idea of...sharing. And they share not only the space between them but also ideas, visions, thoughts in the lovely atmosphere of the cafe or around the coworking space.

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The team of enthusiast that will greet you at the door is ready to take you through the entire area called betahaus - from the cafe where they will meet you and offer you amazing coffee, through the big and small conference halls until you reach the actual working playground. The walk will continue among the desks - flex, fix and team desks - where you will find programmers, writers, engineers, architects, marketing monsters (we most certainly missed lots of interesting professions) and successful startups whose main fountain of inspiration is to a big extend betahaus

And in this diverse inspiring atmosphere it was very natural for the first farmhopping cooperative to be made - at first only for the residents but afterwards for everybody who wants to join. The only requirement is your desire to eat good and healthy food. 

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We asked Alexander Mihaylov the founder of betahaus to say a few words why having access to quality food brings additional value for everybody in betahaus. Here is what we replied: "As the first co-working space in Bulgaria we are glad that  we are the first location for group orders from farmhopping, project with potential to change globally an entire industry. Because we care what we eat and we want to preserve the ancient traditions of natural production." 

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When we asked him why would he recommend for other people to join the betahaus co-op and take their products from here he answered short and with a smile - Because it’s worth it!
The reasons why you would like to come to betahaus are many - from entirely professional to just visiting to have a cup of great coffee surrounded by interesting people with whom you can discuss a whole collision of topics and after three hours to realize how time flew by. The events that are organised usually in the big conference hall gather more and more people who want to learn more about bitcoins, the latest marketing trends or learn more about their astrological sign.

But as I found out after my first encounter with the idea of betahaus - you don’t talk about betahaus, you have to see it. So take advantage of the wonderful weather outside and visit the coolest coworking space in Lozenets, Sofia, Bulgaria and why not in whole Europe. (A piece of advice - come by walk :)

by Militsa Tsvetkova