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The Obichkovtsi Estate - for everything with love


"For everything with love" - this is the moto of the Obichkovtsi Estate. So short and yet it manages to bring together the whole meaning and idea that the owners had in mind when creating the Estate. And the owners are Daniela and George - people who are open to new experiences and are able to live in perfect balance with nature.

Image by Estate Obichkovtsi


The Estate is situated in Upper Krupets, Belogradchik. They grow only ogranic products like limets. kamut, spelt, cammut, rye and fruit trees.  Also they produce vegetables, fruits, eggs, honey, wild berries, herbs, mushrooms.  Fruit and vegetable products are made, with long expire date – dried and sterilized. All these delicious products are made without any addition of chemicals and artificial compost. Their aim is to grow only traditional bulgarian sorts and to use traditional methods to produce and preserve the fruit and vegetables.


Image by Estate Obichkovtsi

The aim of Estate Obichkovtsi is to be a place for love. And it is! It is a wonderful example of one can live in harmony with nature, in an eco - friendly way,  without harming the environment. At Joro and Daniela's place you will find not only delicious and fresh products, but also useful lessons and good advice on how to live eco-friendly as well.  As Daniela says, it’s a community for everybody.

In Estate Obichkovtsi you won’t find a guest house. If you want to visit them you will be accommodated in a small and cosy large trailer for 4 people, where you can stay.  There is also a free space for tents, outdoor bath with water-heater, running water, well, small pond, a near by spring, wind generator, solar panels for electricity and hot water, easy access and magical view. The dishes you would try, are mainly vegetarian and unforgettably tasty. The perfect place for a small holiday where you will be more than welcome!

Image by Estate Obichkovtsi

If you are interested in unconventional building, you will enjoy the courses for:
·       Building with natural materials
·       Designing natural homes
·       Agricultural buildings
Plus, if you want to:
·       Take a trip to Belogradchishki rocks
·       Go for hitchhiking and watch a demonstration for surviving in nature
·       Be part of demonstration for shooting with bow
·       Participate in volunteer programs
·       Go for a picnic by the river with fishing
There is no doubt estate Obichkovtzi is a place for love. It predisposes you to beautiful thoughts, breath-taking panoramas, getting to know nature and literally merging in one with it!  Joro and Daniela are an example how to live naturally and healthy, without changing your daily routines. We should look closer at their way of life and start treating everything with love! Let’s start with clean products and little bit lessons for eco building.  

Author: Elena Ivanova