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Traditions on St. George day


St. George day – one of the brightest holidays in the Christian world. Not only because many of you are named George or Gergana. Like most of the holidays, this one is full with traditions and customs, which people carefully keep, so that the crops are fruitful and everyone at home are healthy and wealthy.


On this day for the first time in the year is prepared fresh cheese, without adding salt, so that the sheep’s milk doesn’t get dry. It is decorated with green plants: garlic, beech, hawthorn, and nettle.The grass, the flowers and the in leaf branches take significant place in St. George’s customs. Through this way the power of the green plants, the life in nature is transformed on to people and animals. This is why in the morning of this holiday, the houses and the gardens are arranged with beech brunches, apple brunches or other fruit giving tree.

Additional to the traditions for health and futility, there are customs for banding evil, which could have bad influence on the animals and take away their futility and milk giving. The people practice defending magic by using plants and bushes, covered with thorns, which sting, with strong aroma – garlic, nettle, hawthorn and bramble.


The night before St. George’s day is good for making magic.  It is believed that St. George is spreading dew all over the earth for health and healing illnesses. This is why people say, on St. George’s day every drop is a gold coin.  The legend tells, whoever washes himself in running water on this day, will be healthy all year, and women, who don’t have children, if they roll over naked in the morning dew, will have a child.