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Veggies and the Stars - On Biodynamic Farming


We sure have talked about a closed loop and holistic approach to pretty much every human activity, yet, now we go one step further with biodynamic farming. This type of agricultural approach goes beyond the simple prescription of not using any artificial chemicals. It is not about rules and prescriptions at all, it is a holistic (i.e. full or big picture) look on farming; one of the first sustainable movements, yet, so logical in its origin. It takes a comprehensive perspective by including the treatment of crops, animals, and soil in one single system and by treating Earth as a single organism with all living things on it playing a specific role, interdependent and intermingling for a reason. Biodynamic agriculture approves the use of herbal and mineral additives only, often prepared at home. It also follows closely the astrological calendar, planning all activities according to the cosmic forces. The lunar and planetary cycles are used to decide on all agricultural activities. This is why biodynamic farming is often condemned as magical thinking, but it hardly seems so magical when you reason on the habits of sunflowers.

Should you like to try out biodynamic farming or simply learn more about it, go through Rudolf Steiner’s lectures on it. Should you just like to try the resulting produce, farmhopping now has a new farm that aims to follow biodynamic practices. Check out Versol’s profile on our website, and try their goji and inca berry. They’d be glad to tell you more about their magical properties!