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We are hungry


Since we have been accepted in Seedcamp our journey has been both tough and inspiring in equal measures.

We landed in London on the 05th of September with no place to live, a lean budget and big dreams.

The past month has been like a blur, time speeding at a fast pace, trying to prove to the world that we can make it happen. We stopped measuring time in hours, but rather used milestones. We crashed at friends homes, couchsurfing between places, spent the weekends at the farmer markets and on the weekdays we pulled long hours at Campus.

It is 8 pm on Sunday now and it looks like Anna and I have another 3- 4 hours work here at the office. But we don’t mind it, because tomorrow, Мonday the 13th of October is a very special day for us. We are opening for orders in the UK.

farmhopping london uk launch

We are starting with 11 top notch farms and producers from the UK and we will offer the choice of over 163 products to our first customers.

Our first delivery will happen at Google Campus, our home over the past month.  We have decided to make this delivery special, a chance to say ‘’thank you’’ to all who helped us, to say ‘’we made it’’ to the sceptics, and a chance to learn how to make cocktails.  

This is why we have decided to open orders to the wider community so anyone can place an order and celebrate with us!

The only requirement- you have to order before the 7 pm 21st of October and you have to come and collect  your order from Google Campus Cafe on the 23rd of October between 7 and 10 pm.

We will be waiting for you with your farmhopping bag full of farm fresh goodies, homemade cocktails and loads of good mood!  

Time to finish this post now as we still have loads of work ahead and we really need to order some food."rossi mitova" "anna hubert" farmhopping launch UK