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Make your own eco-friendly decorations If you are one of those people who care about the environment, and you obviously are, since you are here, why not nurture your passion for nature by preparing your Christmas decoration yourself? We want to do that as well! This is why we decided to share some ideas on having a greener Christmas with you. Using pickings from your garden and simple materials you can reclaim the true spirit of Christmas, decommercialize the holiday and have a unique Christmas decoration! Besides, why not use the occasion to set an example of how important it is to reuse materials and thus help our environment by reducing waste and overproduction? By creating your own decorations from natural materials your home will be warmed up by the charming Christmas bliss we anticipated all year long. And last but not the least, oh man, it`s pure fun! So here we go: Paper or Fabric Chains chain-paper chain-fabric You need colored paper or any of those unused pieces of fabric that you keep wondering what to do with. Lay the paper/fabric, draw 1 inch wide and 2 inch long strips and cut. To prepare the glue mix together all-purpose flour and a few pinches of salt, add some cold water. Take a strip, glue it together at the ends in a circle. Then lace the second strip through the first one and glue it again at the ends. The longer you want your chain to be, the more strips you will need. Pine cone toys for the tree pine-cones wax-dipped-cone Simply wrap a small length of thin wire around the base of each cone, tie a colourful ribbon at the top and voilà! Super fast and so much better than buying those lacquered, all-glittering artificial cones from the store. Also, you may dip pine cones into melted wax, preferably natural-based candles. In case you have some old wax based crayons use them instead. The cones also make wonderful festive table decoration. Popcorn and Cranberry Strings popcorn-string One of our favs, so easy to make and so beautiful! Grab a bag of cranberries, popcorn, (better pop it yourself from beads as microwave corn won`t work for this, it`s way too fragile), you will also need a thread and a needle. By threading the needle through a cranberry, then a couple of popcorns you will very soon have a lovely garland to decorate the tree or festoon your living room. Gingerbread decorations gingerbread-decorations Save yourself some time in the kitchen and create tasty decorations with just a piece of cardboard and some white paint. Cut the shapes you want- Santa, tree, heart, ball, snowman – out of cardboards and apply thick white paint to make it look like gingerbread. Cinnamon Sticks cinammon Very few things are more Christmassy than the magical aroma of cinnamon… Mmm. With a bunch of natural cinnamon sticks, bundled in the centre with pine twigs and tied with beautiful green or red ribbon you will create the most aromatic table centerpieces. Gift Wrapping gift-wrapping Wrapped like this even a deer sweater or a pair of socks will make an unforgettable gift. Use recycled paper, tie with raffia and glue on dried orange slices in an overlapping row. Gift Labels holly-leaf-label Beauty is in the details, so we never ever forget the finishing touches. Cut a label shape out of cardboard and sew a holly leaf on it. Use red thread in simple running stitch for maximum effect. What are your ideas for eco-friendly Christmas decorations? Please share a comment. Photos credits: Google Images