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WHO celebrates World Health Day?


Yeah, really, who does? Leave aside the fact that WHO is the abbreviation of World Health Organization, more important question is who amongst us celebrates this day. The calendar is full of days we name in a certain way and therefore everyone is expected to honor the respective aspect. In that precise day. Here we go, just a few examples, off the top of my head: St. Valentine`s: show your love Christmas: remember you have family and they like spending time with you Easter: celebrate Christ`s sacrifice Thanksgiving: show your gratitude And then, World Health Day: think about your health I believe you will well agree with me that one should not wait for a particular day in order to express any of those… every single day should be a day to show your love how loved he or she is, take a minute and think about all you`ve got and how grateful you are for all of it, etc, you get me. And, most importantly, take care of your health on daily, even minutely basis – because without it, none of the above mentioned would matter. And since eating healthy, clean food and living a more balanced, closer to nature, life, supporting environmental conscious practices is a great deal for everyone`s health, we at farmhopping are quite proud with ourselves. Not only following the everyday –health rule, but also kinda helping others to do the same :) But, a few words about this year`s WHD are in order. It is celebrated annually on the 7th of April and is held to mark the founding of the World Health Organization; the first one was in 1950. WHO sees that day as an opportunity to draw attention to a subject of major importance to global health each year. For the past two decades these are what WHO considered most important:


Since this year`s theme is High Blood Pressure, I can only wish you all dealing with less idiots. They, life has thought me, are one of the most common reasons for increased blood pressure. And, if despite all your efforts they keep bothering you, just give yourself to the healing power of nature. You will be surprised what even the shortest walk in the park can do for you. It would be best to take some time off – at least spare a weekend – and spend it in the country, surrounded by pristine beauty of nature, on a farm, taking care of animals (unbelievably calming), or the land. All of these help you see things in perspective, work miracles for the stressed urban soul and, at the end, are maybe the best way to celebrate World Health Day. And in the rest of the days eat clean, organic, locally grown food and do your best to support sustainable practices – the Earth`s Health also needs help.