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Why Should We Join the Earth Hour?


This question is, of course, a bit rhetorical. The idea of the Earth Hour is to actually act “beyond the hour”. The ecological awareness must be a constant alert in our lives, an every-day attitude, and a code by which we live and teach our children. The initiative to turn off the lights of households and businesses for one hour began in Sydney in 2007 when 2.2 million residents took part. Soon it was taken up by more and more major cities across the globe, with a constantly increasing number of volunteers. EH_60+_LOGO_EPS_LARGE On March 23, 2013, Saturday, seven thousand cities in 152 countries are expected to join the initiative. It’s a chance for all freethinkers, for all people who disagree with the destructive policy of the reigning global greed-based system to come together and make their say. 313887_10151343431614436_1639950813_n Some oil-based economies like Kuwait also encourage their citizens to embrace the idea of environmental change in order to balance the effects of oil production and reduce carbon emissions. The key to this fight is educating the youth in ecological culture through lectures and seminars in schools and universities, as well as environmental activities like large-scale cleanups and many more. 8836_10151356843679436_1152331621_n It’s also up to the famous people to popularize such activities for their voices can be heard far more loudly, so they don’t have the right to remain silent and indifferent. We must gather all Earth’s potential not only to seek for environmental practices, but to fight against all factors contributing to the extreme pollution in every possible way, because what’s the point if some create and others destroy after them? 734006_10151358211594436_1295464044_n That’s why the goal must be to put pressure on the highest authorities – governments and big corporations – otherwise it’s just a plain talking. We must teach the others who don’t care so much by our own example. The future is in the green technologies, in using our inexhaustible resources, like wind power, sea tides, sunlight and so on. 48138_10151309835649436_1834946291_n Let’s hope that the people with power will awaken to see that. There is only one way – to live in harmony with nature, otherwise our planet sooner or later will destroy the human race, it’s as simple as that. GUEST BLOG POST BY JOSIFF PENCHEV Images credits Earth Hour