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Our story

farmhopping is the startup project of three friends on a quest to support sustainable farming on a global level. In return for the support that the farmers receive, they give back fresh and healthy goodies from their farms. 

We wanted to create a platform where sustainable farmers, nature lovers, organic food aficionados and eco-conscious citizens from around the globe could work together sharing ideas, projects, skills and funds to promote and empower a nature-friendly farming culture and collaborative consumption.

The story

Rossi, Mihail and Ruslan met 8 years ago. What brought them together was their passion for climbing, traveling, skiing and the mountains.

Rossi MitovaOn a trip in the Bulgarian mountains, Mihail found a captivating farm called Perun. The owner, Todor, was passionate about the preservation of animals that were once traditional for these areas, but were threatened by extintion, and bred and raised breeds such as the native Karakachan sheep. 

His livelihood, which involeved mainly the rearing of these endangered animals, was, however, facing a problem. With serious competition from large farms which used unsustainable methods, Farm Perun was struggling to meet the ends.

Mihail decided that the least he could do was to sponsor 2 sheep from the farm with a monthly payment that secured their upkeep. 

Ruslan VakrilovIn his desire to find a more sustainable and general solution to this problem, he contacted Rossi, who had just graduated Investment and Risk Management in London and was getting ready to start her career in the field of investment banking. 

Rossi agreed to help right away, and this decision marked the end of her corporate career plans - a decision she never regretted. 

Rossi and Misho tried to create a working scheme, with which they could help more and more farmers solve their shared problems.

Ruslan added to the team his artistic talents.