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How does it work

Who can participate?

farmhopping is an online platform and resource for sustainable farmers and producers. We are not involved in the development of the products or farms themselves. Anyone can launch a profile on farmhopping, as long as their methods of production and produce meet our guidelines.

Each profile is independently created and run by the farms

The farms you see on farmhopping have complete control over their profiles and full responsibility for their content. Farmers take care of all the purchase details from start to finish, including the packages they offer and the prices they set.

How much does it cost?

Creating a profile on farmhopping is free for farmers and users alike. If a product is sold successfully, we take a 15% fee on each transaction.

Supporting a farm is more than just buying a product

When you buy food through farmhopping, you are directly supporting sustainable agriculture and helping small farms exist in the world. Some people talk about leading a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Others simply join farmhopping.

Buying from a farmer directly is different from buying your items at the supermarket or the local shop

Some products take time to be produced, which is, in many cases, longer than anticipated. Crops are dependent on the weather and the whims of our environment. And, sometimes, the taste of the product differs between purchases because all of the items are handmade. This is the life on a farm - full of uncertainty and delays - true and natural. 

Our mission is to help sustainable farming develop and at the same time offer urban people a more natural and sustainable lifestyle.

We’re a for-profit company founded in Sofia, Bulgaria, and we have just put roots down in London, United Kingdom. Besides taking care of all the orders we fulfill, we spend our time improving the functionalities of the website, and adding new features. We answer questions from users and farmers, find new farms and buyer groups, and provide additional support through our network of mentors. We are continiously growing our farmhopping family, come and join us!