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Вила Юстина

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Villa Yustina is situated on the outskirts of the Rhodope Mountain’s part with the name Yakata in the village of Ustina, 26km away from Plovdiv, Bulgaria. The winery location isspecifically chosen, because Plovdiv region is among thefew with a significant wine history. In this area, you canhear many tales about Thracians and their wine, ancientrites and mysteries. Herodotus described the local Thracians as warlike tribe with an independentspirit, that undertook the difficult task to be guardians of the sanctuary of Dionysus. It is believedthat the ancient Thracian capital - Besapara was located near Ustina.

The beginning of vinegrowing and wine making in this area was set by the Thracians.They are also considered to be the best winemakers. People produced wine 5000 years ago on the Balkans, which is a proof that the Thracians were the first to transform grapes into wine. The firstvines were brought by them from the Middle East to what is now southern Bulgaria. According toHomer, the most famous wine with the rich aroma and full body was from Thracia. 

The mission of Villa Yustina is todevelop quality wines from Yakata in the Rhodope Mountain and wine tourism in a region withrich heritage and magnificent scenery. 

At the end of 2006 Villa Yustina was established and started toprocess grapes from its own vineyards into terroir wines. The boutique winery has a capacity to process 300 tons own grapes. It has an underground cellarfor wine aging and can hold up to 600 barrels.

Villa Yustina has a modern tasting room for 50people, and at the final stage of the project there will be houses of Finnish type and a shop, wheretourists will be able to buy wine, fine arts and craft works. The first guest house is already build and is able to host your visit and be your home away from home.According to the French standart Villa Yustina replaces 1/3 of its oak barrels each year.Seven leading suppliers from France and two from Bulgaria are used so that variety and qualitycan be guaranteed.

Thanks to its close partnership with Tomika-Metal SA, Villa Yustina is one ofthe most modern wineries in Bulgaria. It is fully equipped with the finest cellar technology ofnew generation. The winery has fermenter type "Eureka" and the only one tangential filter inBulgaria. The celler has decided to do microvinification using modern technological means andequipment. There is a possibility for full control of the whole process

 It beggins from handpicking grapes, sorting with a vibrating trailer, manually sorting, possibility for cold maceration,fermentation in small volumes with excellent process control and various fermentationtechniques, according to the different grape varieties.

In order to satisfy even the most particular wine lovers Villa Yustina has already it’s firstattempts for making natural sparkling wines. That takes us even closer to the global models forboutique wineries.

 As a proof and recognition for wine excellence the technologist of Villa Yustina – VassilStoyanov, won the prize "Enologist of 2011" after a secret vote among Bulgarian enologists. Thisaward is the culmination of years of hard work and gives us confidence that we are moving in theright direction.